Week 1

During the first week, the babes slept and nursed. Hazel and Mabel grew the most.  My favorite part about raising these little pupsters is watching them form puppy piles.

Week 2

Most of the pups are over 2 lbs. This was an exciting week! They all started to stand and Pearl, and Leo have managed to climb out of the whelping box. On day twelve (12) 7 of the 9 babes have their eyes cracked :) 

Week 3

We love puppy growl! WE love to make messes :) The babes have found their voices; grunting and growling and each other. They enjoy playtime wrestling around and of course snuggles.

First Bath

Fresh & Clean after First Bath

Full belly’s. We love eating ❤️

Ready for our First bath

Adorableness. Look at that belly!!

Boys 3 Week picts

Girl’s 3 week picts